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Collection and use of buses

Collecting Keys
Any authorised member of your group (it does not have to be the driver) can come to the office during our opening times to complete the hiring agreement/log sheet and collect a set of keys. They should be familiar with the details of the booking and know the driver’s name and address.

You cannot take the vehicle from the yard if you are not the named driver.

If the vehicle is booked for a weekend, or a period when the office is closed, then the keys and a log sheet will need to be collected during office hours.


Please notify us 48 hours in advance of any cancellation so that we can re-allocate the vehicle. There will be a cancellation fee if we are not given adequate notification.

Duty of Passengers
Smoking in the vehicles is against the law, eating and drinking are prohibited. Drivers are advised to take a 15 minute break when driving for 2 hours. Passengers can use this time to take refreshments outside the bus.

Setting Off
Please ensure that you complete all the checks on the Log Sheet before moving off (oil, water, tyre and bodywork are most essential) and that you enter the start mileage. If there is anything wrong with the vehicle but you feel it is still okay to use it please note the problem (e.g. the van was not cleaned out) so we can trace those responsible and fine the offending group. Please ensure that all doors are unlocked when carrying passengers.

Do not use the vehicle and please let us know straight away if you think the bus is defective in some way or should not be used for any other reason.

We expect drivers to leave the vehicle in a clean and tidy condition (even if it was untidy on collection).

Complete the log sheet with the finish mileage.

Sweep the bus out. Switch off all lights. Lock it. Return keys, log sheet and any fuel receipts to the office or through the drop box if we are closed.

Failure to comply with any of the above may result in the group being fined and/or the driver/group being fined and/or the driver/group being banned from further use of CTP’s services.