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Driver Training & Assessments

All drivers who are new to the project, or if their registration has lapsed for more than 3 months, will have to do a vehicle familiarisation and MIDAS driving assessment. If further training is necessary then a programme can be worked out to suit individual needs.


Before anyone can drive the vehicles we need to check and take a copy of their licence and complete a driver registration form. If the driver meets the insurance conditions a familiarisation and assessment of their driving will be arrangedand MIDAS training organised.

It is not only new drivers who benefit from the training. Anyone who wants a ‘refresher’ can also book for a training session. So if you feel you would like to re-familiarise yourself with any of the buses, or need training in how to use the tail lifts and clamps, etc., before setting off with your group then please get in touch.

Our policy of assessing all drivers has been in operation since April 1990. The main reason for assessing has to be that of safety, by going out with all the people who will drive our vehicles we are able to establish a minimum standard of driving. By doing this we will hopefully cut down on wear and tear to the buses as well as ‘to blame’ accidents. The assessment and familiarisation also gives us the time to meet everyone who will drive the buses and explain how the project works, how bookings are made, how log sheets should be completed, etc.

Another reason is to give an opportunity to those people who traditionally do not have access to larger vehicles to learn a new skill and to build their confidence.

Only drivers who have taken the MIDAS assessment are allowed to drive our vehicles.

All Voluntary drivers are asked to undergo a CRB disclosure. CTP asks Volunteer drivers to submit, confidentially and in writing information re: any convictions or other disqualifying behaviour that might be revealed in the DISCLOSURE process in order to assist the recruitment decision process.

In the case of persons who are not specifically appointed by the CTP but are appointed by another organisation affiliated to the CTP and hiring CTP vehicle, that organisation will be responsible to obtain DISCLOSURE information on those persons.